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  11. п»їJuices to lose weight: Do not deprive yourself! |
  12. Juices to lose weight: Do not deprive yourself! When we are in full operation, bikini, any help is good and that getting those extra kilos down is not easy, but if we follow an adequate diet, we exercise regularly and help ourselves with infusions and juices to control the weight and satisfy our appetite, Surely, achieving our recommended size is much simpler. Take note of the following recipes to prepare exquisite cleansing juices.
  13. Choose the one you like best and prepare your juicer and blender to make a refreshing juice to help you lose weight.
  14. Strawberry and watermelon juice. A simple juice very easy to make that takes advantage of the excellent properties of strawberries and watermelon to lose weight. Remove the stems of 200 grams of strawberries, then pour them into the blender along with 400 grams of watermelon and ready to drink!
  15. Pineapple and pear juice, two fruits indicated in the regimens with which you will be able to eliminate toxins from the body. To do this you need 250 grams of pineapple and three pears. Peel and chop all the fruit, pass it through the blender (each fruit separately), then mix everything and that's it!
  16. Apple juice and cabbage. To enjoy this drink you only need two green cabbage leaves and three peeled apples. Chop the ingredients, pass them through the blender and you already have a perfect juice to complete your weight loss diet.
  17. Finally we point out the recipe for a special fat burning juice. You need a sliced ​​banana, two slices of watermelon without seeds and chopped, the juice of half a cup of chopped pineapple, the juice of half a cup of papaya without seeds and chopped and half a glass of water. Pass all the ingredients in the blender, strain it and drink it as soon as you do so that it does not lose its properties.
  18. Take advantage of the benefits of juices, do not forget to exercise, try to follow the diet correctly and even follow the rules of Feng Shui ... Remember that all the help is good to make your bikini operation much more effective. Do not think about it and take out all the artillery to achieve your ideal weight.
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