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  1. A mom the same as her family
  3. SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador Half an hour in to the party, A chorus of angelic voices burst from the speakers near the palm trees. Eight year old Rene Antonio Flores scurried along with [url=]dating in spanish[/url] crowd and halted at the dance floor and gazed at the approaching Quincea A dark haired beauty in pink tulle and shimmery satin, His sister Karen entered her 15th get together to a ripple of oohs. A line of ladies in royal blue dresses followed, in particular his 16 year old sister, Evelin.
  5. at $170, Karen's gown cost more than a lot in their town of Apopa make in a month. The $800 for the steak lunch at her party amounted to just about half a year's wages. Their city, A warren of concrete huts set against a verdant batch outside El Salvador's capital, Is home to some of the country's poorest tortilla vendors, Bus fare fans and factory workers who share the narrow streets with hungry dogs and vengeful gangsters.
  7. this kind of hour, A 35 year old woman was clearing all of the the lunch plates from a Northern Virginia restaurant. The mother of the quincea wasn't halfway through her 14 hour shift at the job that paid for the elaborate celebration that as a rule marks a Latin American girl's passage into womanhood.
  9. that it was four years since Maday Flores last saw the pocked highways of El Salvador. Four long periods of time since she left Evelin, Karen, Rene Antonio and their two sisters to join the exodus of Latin people today heading north.
  11. Those immigrants several of them legal, Many illegal are growing the ranks of our state's housekeepers, the work workers, nannies and cooks. The Flores youngster's mother makes six times what she did in El Salvador. in less than a decade, The money that she and other Latin Americans in the states send home has swelled to $30 billion annually.
  13. They are continuing a historic tradition followed by generations of immigrants to north america, however, there is a difference. Studies suggest that more and more of those on the receiving end of today's Western Union wires are not elderly parents or struggling siblings but youngsters. And an increasing number of of those doing the sending are not just fathers but young mothers.
  15. Many who leave their children to come illegally to the particular know it probably will be years before they return even to visit. So it is that in the four years since Maday's travel, The relaxing, Playful levels her children once knew as "Mami" Has been reduced to something more important:
  17. "Mami, The gentle, Sometimes awkward voice on calling.
  19. "Mami, The business of a new tile floor, A new roof and countless stuffed animals and stylish dresses.
  21. "No ze vaya, Mami. No se vaya,
  23. normally go, Mami. normally go. Evelin recalls pleading over an hour that late spring evening in 2000.
  25. She sat on their sagging couch as her mother offered hugs and explanations. Maday's wages from the sock factory were barely enough to put beans and tortillas on the table. The children's father had never lived with them, Rarely visited and hadn't sent take advantage months.
  27. subsequent night, Evelin remembers creeping over to the gray backpack that would be her mother's only luggage on the damaging trek across the Arizona border and slipping something inside: a photograph of a round faced 12 year old with soft curls and a dimpled grin.
  29. Four a long later, Evelin's cheeks still dimple when she smiles of pleasure. But the woman is often frowning. Her sisters have learned to censor the radio. A few bars from such latin pop songs as "les Amo, mother" are enough to bring her to tears. And she can talk about her mother for a short time before her voice chokes up.
  31. Since her mama left, Evelin's preteen shuffle has given strategy a sultry stroll. Those swaying hips unsettle her grandma.
  33. Sixteen is a risky age for a girl in her society, And Evelin is two years younger than her mother was when she first became expecting.
  35. The grandma has a plan to save Evelin from the same fate: Until my wife landed her first well paying job, it will have no dating.
  37. Evelin offers no demonstration. but yet. "want. Love almost forever, She doodles across her developed the lighted magnifier worksheets.
  39. School hasn't held her attention. She has had to repeat two grades and is of this 13 and 14 year olds in eighth grade, A year below her younger sister Karen. Such an amiable, Well behaved college, Evelin's teachers lament, If only she'd do her homework.
  41. Evelin's nanna, Carmen Flores, Has no way to be able to her study. An orphan who grew up choosing the streets of San Salvador, The 55 years old woman knows only two letters: generally "m" together with "m" With which probably she signs her name. Evelin's grand mother, Who used to rifle through her workbooks every night, can now merely ask an anxious "How's university going, During twice weekly message or calls from Virginia.
  43. A weeks ago, Evelin promises, She answered with bad news: For the second on semester, She had flunked nutrition.
  45. "It killed me to know my Mami, She said then. The particular school, Evelin understands, Charges $65 a month in tuition for all five toddlers eating up a chunk of the $450 her mother sends each month.
  47. the college doesn't offer a lot in [url=]spain girls[/url] return. to analyze there is to swelter in a cramped, Concrete walled classroom while teachers shout over the screeches of youngsters at recess in a fenced in courtyard.
  49. But the faculty is close to Evelin's house. To reach the fans school she used to attend, Evelin had to hike up a trash covered hill where muggers lay in wait. Gangs have treated the public school. Two months earlier, A gunman put a bullet via the gym teacher's head.
  51. Despite her difficulties, Evelin has fun at the special school. The teachers are energetic and passionate. there is the soft spoken, Smiley woman who demonstrates to English. The loud, avid guy who teaches math. And her most wanted the lanky, Witty social studies consultant, Hector Alexander.
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